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Ch Mallard's Flying Cloud of JanRod WC


10 Dec 85 - 10 Jun 00        Color - By        Specialty Winner

Hips-OFA LR- 26557G24M        Eyes-CERF LR-2603        OptiGen - A  #99-1119

Full Dentition        Frozen Semen Available


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The following bitch has been bred to Zack using frozen semen and is expecting a litter soon:




Barefoot Jaunty Jessica

(Ynda-n-Colton's Patron-Saint x Lowesville Rock's Daisy)

Born 1-1-08 - 7 puppies - 3 yellow females, 2 black females, 1 black male & 1 yellow male

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Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Int (FCI) & Nordic Mallards Clay Basker Nordic Ch Licithas Faithful Apporter Nordic Champion Licithas Blizzard Int (FCI) & Nordic Champion Baronor Phoenix
Nordic & Swedish Champion Licithas Poppet
Nordic Champion Licithas Alexandra Crawcrook Crispin of Lawnwood
Nordic Ch & Swedish Field Champion Licithas Lipiet
Curnafane Strike Curnafane Sam of Ballyduff English Ch Ballyduff Marketeer
English Champion Curnafane Seamansal
Curnafane Eve Eduny Sandpiper
Curnafane Salmarketer
Mallards Eli The Boat

Certified Blood Tracker

Swedish & Nordic Ch Ballyduff Fergus English Champion Timspring Sirius English & Am Champion Ballyduff Seaman
Timspring Myrtle
Spark of Ballyduff English Ch Ballyduff Marketeer
Sparkle of Tuddenham
Mallards Black Spinner Sandylands Alpha English Champion Kimbo of Ardmargha
English Champion Sandylands Troubella
Garpabackens Nana Int (FCI) & Nordic Ch & Swedish Field Champion Christopher Robin
Sandylands Trousseau


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